Ben’s Leadership Strategies

These videos share Ben’s leadership approaches gleaned from listening, reading and observing great leadership architects.

“Strategic Leadership”

“The mantle of leadership is a garment we can all choose to put on whether it is in our job description or not. It is a choice that results in either great rewards or great lessons.”


“Begin with blue.”

“Decision Making”

“Great decisions come from choosing to stay in the game, instead of sitting on the sidelines waiting for something to happen. The challenge is making those decisions while still functioning as guardian of the vision.”

“Interpersonal Skills”

“My vocation as a creative producer has always been about the people I work with. Implementing strategic choices that foster team development is vital to the success of any project. When you collaborate, you build relationships.”

“Analytical Leadership”

“If you document your data accurately, it’s always there to be analyzed and provide perspective. That’s the value. No more creative blocks, only options.”