Firefly Pilot Media

Firefly: the creative problem to solve.

Pilot: the person to solve it.

Firefly Pilot is my media company where all projects I produce are developed. It is the core of my original scripts and project development. Firefly is the idea, the story, the project, that becomes the creative problem to solve. The Pilot is the person to solve it. This is the person that launches the project and “lands the plane”, by planning, innovating, creating, building, delivering. In each project I take on, I work to source solutions so that I can strategically execute every inch of its landscape. Starting with the script, the technical equipment, and the people that make it happen, I am diligent to develop and plan every rehearsed and contingency moment. Yet I know there are still spontaneous moments that await. This is my vocation. That is Firefly Pilot. That is what gets me up in the morning and out the door.

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