Ben Adams is a Creative Producer who delivers.

He delivers innovative solutions for Live Corporate EventsTheme Park EntertainmentVideo Production, and Live Theatre. He develops scripts, sources technical production and strategically leads the people that make it happen. Empower your ideas to communicate your vision with Ben Adams on your team.

As a production manager, Ben has supported some of the best theatrical directors in Central Florida. His adaptive personality is a perfect fit for this role. As broad visions are cast for most creative projects, Ben embraces the production processes allowing productions to evolve into the best they can be. He diligently supports each production to reach scope, schedule and budget goals while ensuring production teams are supported and allowed to creatively flourish.

Practicing project management and Agile techniques is where learning continues for Ben. Application and refinement of these great areas of study are implemented in his current projects.  He continues to network with experts in these fields to broaden his perspective and capabilities.


Ben has the capacity to develop ideas and concepts and turn then into compelling scripts for live events and short videos. He harnesses his creativity to link business purpose and messaging with high entertainment value. 

Live corporate events are Ben’s specialty. Clarifying details, setting clear production schedules and motivating teams to deliver powerful live events is where Ben flourishes as a show director.

As a script writer, producer and editor, Ben has been producing short videos for employers for over 14 years. Ben’s media company, FireflyPilot Media is where he develops and produces videos for distribution.


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Ben consistently produces at an elite level. He deftly merges the heart, openness and creativity of a gifted artist with the execution focus, attention to detail and professionalism of an equally gifted producer.